Product Photography


Detail your services

During these uncertain times I am now offering product photography. My studio is in my home and I am able to take on small products and will soon begin photographing larger products. 

Special Promotion

I am offering  a special as well right now! You can send me one of your products you would like to have photographed and I will send you one photo for free in order to give you a sample of my work. This special would consist of  one photo of one item.

How it works

Customers gravitate to high end photos. Seeing your product shine is what drives customers to look more which in turn will help drive business to your company. All you need to do is ship the product  to me with your contact information as well as the name of your product. I will let you know when the product arrives.  The one item photo will be retouched and edited if needed. If you like the photo you will be able to download from a private gallery for you to keep. If you would also like more photos I will continue photographing for a very reasonable fee.  The item should  only need light assembly and be free of any scratches, dents or other damage. I will then begin the process. Once the item is photographed I will send you a link to the gallery. That's it!  Please contact me for details.